Witness the remarkable journey of Xentra’s trainees as they advanced in the tech world!

Xentra’s commitment to fostering talent and nurturing growth within its workforce was on full display at a recent contract signing event held at Xentra Tower on February 5, 2024. With 31 trainees stepping up to sign their contracts, the event marked a significant milestone in their journey from trainees to junior staff members.  Xentra’s comprehensive […]

Xentra Upskills its Employees with QA Training 

Xentra Solutions highly values employee development. This is evident in its completion of the recently concluded QA Core Skills and Project Specific Training held from November 20 until December 1, 2023. The 10-day training is the second batch of three, which will commence this month.  The QA Core Skills and Project Specific Training was organized […]

Xentra Team Heads to Sydney for Decisions Training

A distinguished team from Xentra went to Sydney to attend the highly anticipated Decisions Submerse: Deep-Dive Training. Xentra aims to enhance its knowledge of the latest trends in the market about no-code automation as well as to receive in-depth hands-on training about no-code automation platforms.  A New Partnership and Its Opportunities  Xentra’s motivation for sending […]

Xentra Team Upgrade Skills and API Security Capabilities 

Xentra’s team of Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, App Developers, and QA staff, undergoes training focused on both app and web development, and API security. The initiative for this skills advancement emphasizes Xentra’s continuous effort to ensure that it produces work with the highest standards of development that is matched with the highest level of security.   Apart […]

Xentra is now a Partner of Decisions 

Xentra is now a proud partner of Decisions, a no-code workflow and rules platform designed to enable businesses to automate and optimize their digital processes. The two tech companies have joined forces with a shared vision of providing innovative software solutions and cutting-edge expertise. The partnership aims to revolutionize the way strategic industries operate in […]