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Cost Effective VA Services

Outsourcing allows you to save more costs compared to direct hiring. VAs can take over some of your required tasks, allowing you and your staff to focus on other more important functions.


VA Services

We’re an end-to-end service. We handle everything from recruiting, monitoring, onboarding, and training your VA. To oversee your VA’s work and communication, we assign every VA and client a manager.


Dedicated Industry-Standard VAs

We make sure our VAs meet your standards. They are process and workflow-oriented, highly trained, and tech-savvy. More importantly, our VAs are specialists in their field.

What our VAs do

There’s more to our VAs than just what’s on this list. See below for a more detailed list of roles our VAs can do and the tasks that come with each one.

Administration Virtual Assistant

Administration Virtual Assistant

Helps with the backend tasks. They are also called General Virtual Assistants. Tasks often include email and calendar management, client relationship management and office assistance.

Accounting Virtual Assistant

Accounting Virtual Assistant

Responsible for recording the day-to-day financial matters of any business. Tasks often include basic Accounting and office assistance.

Copywriter Virtual Assistant

Office document management

Our complete end-to-end web dev package includes everything your website needs, from the static pages to the actual web application, and everything in between.

Sales and Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Sales and Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Provides support to new and existing customers, and attracts new customers. Tasks often include customer support, administrative tasks, research and data, and outbound calls.

Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

Generates new leads for any business. Tasks often include appointment setting for new leads and email outreach. They also know how to use lead generation software tools.

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Help with scheduling in content and advertising campaigns, and reply to customers through social media or other online platforms.

Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

Creates simple designs using design tools. Designs are used to support marketing campaigns, product launches, or even social media content.

Social media management

Social media management

Helps companies remain present and active on social media channels, improving engagement, content creation, and scheduling.

Video and Audio Virtual Assistant

Video and Audio Virtual Assistant

Helps in making and editing video and audio content for sales and marketing campaigns. Also moderates and responds to online comments.

Website Virtual Assistant

Website Virtual Assistant

Help with the visibility or ranking strategy of a website, update content, respond to customers, and keep all elements updated.

Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Data entry and typing services

Help in entering and compiling customer account data and checking them for errors. Tasks include data management, record keeping, and documents and spreadsheets creation.

Project Management Virtual Assistant

Project Management Virtual Assistant

Helps businesses manage their remote teams. Tasks include managing project team, developing and controlling budget plan, organizing schedules, and preparing reports.

How our service works?

If you focus on outsourcing the repetitive tasks that can be carried out remotely, your local team will be able to focus on higher level work and reach more customers.


We offer free consultation services to get you started with our virtual assistance services. Once all your requirements are in, we’ll proceed and set up your account.


Discuss your specific VA projects and a detailed list of your requirements. We’ll introduce you to a virtual assistant who can easily adapt to your business objectives.


You can start delegating tasks to your VA once you’ve been introduced. Through our system, you can properly monitor their tasks and reports.

We support business growth

Our VAs provide support to your business where necessary. This means saving costs on your end and thus, helping your business allocate resources. When your resources are allocated properly, you have more room and funds for business growth.

An experienced team to handle your business tasks

You can choose from three tiers of VAs with varying professional experiences and time availability. We have junior, mid-level, and senior VAs who can perform tasks that your business needs – from data entry to graphic design.

Monitored and managed to your standards

No need to worry about monitoring and managing your VA. Our services include recruiting, monitoring, onboarding and training your VA, ensuring your VA is up to your standards. You can easily keep track of their activities.

No on and off-peak seasons

All our VAs are available all-year round. You can hire a VA whenever your business needs one. You can grow your business anytime of the year with our VAs.

Why choose our Virtual Assistance?

Xentra is a virtual assistant company in the Philippines that handles your administrative, appointment setting, real estate, marketing, and other office job needs. We offer cost-effective, end-to-end, industry-standard services, allowing you and your team to focus more on strategic roles. We’ll help you grow your business with a dedicated, outsourced staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can discuss the tasks you wish to delegate to us, as well as your set of requirements; we will take care of finding the right VA to fulfill your management needs.

Our free consultation services can help you determine your specific VA projects and a detailed list of your requirements. 

We only hire highly skilled and proficient English-speaking VAs from the Philippines. There’ll be no communication barriers between you and your VA. And although you’ll work in different timezones, we can always discuss suitable times to work on your projects or assignments with your VA in the Philippines.

Just like a probation period in the workplace here in the Philippines, you have a minimum of 3 months to work with your hired VA. This is also the most appropriate length of time for VAs to be onboarded and trained to properly integrate them into a company. However, if you would like to change your VA for any reason, please notify us immediately. We will find you a more suitable VA based on your feedback.

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