Business Process Automation with Xentra 

Empowering Strategic Industries Across Asia Pacific and the US 

The Decisions Platform

Intelligent process automation platform 

Designed to streamline and automate business processes and applications with a comprehensive suite of features to enable you to optimize your operations and drive efficiency 

No-code enterprise automation 

Get an enterprise-grade automation platform that’s secure, flexible and sophisticated, without a single line of code 

Powerful environment for building applications 

You have access to a visual approach to application development that simplifies the process and reduces the need for extensive coding knowledge

Adapts to the specific needs of organizations

Decisions cater to a wide range of business logic requirements, adapting to the specific needs of your organization 

Seamlessly connect with existing infrastructure 

Provides multiple options to connect with existing infrastructure ensures that integration with external systems and data sources is smooth and efficient

Simplified deployment and maintenance

Provides a web-based delivery model and a software that operates entirely within modern browsers without the need for plugins or custom technology 

Automation For Industries


Retailers gain a competitive edge in inventory management, supply chain optimization, and customer experience. 


With Decisions’ adaptive workflow solutions, gaming businesses can rapidly respond to dynamic market demands and stay ahead in this fast-paced sector.


We can help fintech firms in developing advanced platforms for payments, lending, risk management, and compliance.


Educational institutions can have advanced tools to streamline administrative processes, enhance learning management systems, and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Why Xentra?

Partnering with Xentra enables clients to gain access to a dedicated team of certified professionals who understand the intricacies of the Decisions’ platform. With the Decisions platform, we can offer a comprehensive suite of automation solutions that drive operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and position businesses for long-term success. 

Comprehensive Expertise 

With the collective knowledge and skills of our certified software developers, we possess deep expertise in leveraging the Decisions platform. Clients can trust that we understand the intricacies of implementing and customizing the automation platform to suit their unique business requirements.

Tailored Solutions 

By combining our in-depth understanding of Decisions’ capabilities with a client-centric approach, we can ensure that the automation platform is tailored to optimize processes, enhance customer experiences, and achieve maximum efficiency. 

Seamless Integration 

Our expertise allows clients to leverage their current technology investments while harnessing the power of automation to drive business growth. 

Efficient Project Execution 

Our team of certified software developers brings efficiency and professionalism to every project. They follow industry best practices, project management methodologies, and collaborative communication, ensuring timely and successful project execution. 

Ongoing Support 

We are committed to providing exceptional support and assistance throughout the entire client journey.

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