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Xentra Solutions is an IT outsourcing company headquartered in the Philippines, with its development center based in Malolos, Bulacan and a sales office in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This strategic setup allows the company to leverage the technical expertise and innovative capabilities of its Philippine team while effectively serving and expanding its client base across North America through its US sales operations.

Xentra implements a competitive business model that offers many options for IT services that you can choose from. We focus on your business needs and requirements to improve revenue, profitability, and employee productivity. This enables us to provide industry-specific solutions that drive business growth.

Our frictionless principle guides our philosophy. Our aim is to get the best talents in the Philippines and provide both clients and our staff the flexibility and agility in delivering solutions efficiently.

Our Story

A group of Manila-based professional web developers, graphic artists and software developers wanted to put together their existing client and supplier base. This aspiration gave birth to Xentra in 2014.

Although still small, the new company was able to maintain its previous clients. Attributing to more than 20 years of their experience in the IT industry though, the founders were able to add more interested parties to hire its existing services.

With the volume of projects they received, and with their pool of skilled and talented teams, Xentra expanded and now comprises different companies that offer varying services. Each division focuses on different IT outsourcing solutions: Stergo for Salesforce, PinoyWallet for money remittance, and Sinagtek for mobile payments solutions.

To date, and because of its diverse services, Xentra is now providing IT outsourcing services to clients abroad.

Our Values

To make banking and finances easier for everyone


At Xentra, we empower businesses by fostering growth through customized infotech solutions. As a trusted leader in being a full-service digital transformation partner, we are committed to delivering simple, secure, and reliable IT outsourcing and digital services. Our goal is to support the aspirations and success of businesses globally.


To be the leading provider of full-service digital transformation to companies of all sizes, empowering businesses worldwide.

To reimagine how we transact with money, make banking and finances easier for everyone, and help businesses improve payment collections and processing through cutting-edge mobile payment solutions.

As a leading and trusted name in the mobile payment solutions sector, Xentra believes in providing simple, secure, and reliable financial services and digital payment solutions that support the hopes, dreams, and goals of millions of merchants and consumers around the world.

Our custom payment software solutions and premium digital technologies drive business growth and fosters a strong partnership with clients.

To be the premier provider of custom payment software solutions and premium digital technologies to companies across the world.

Why hire us? Because we’re not like any other IT service provider.

The Xentra Strategy​

What makes us stand out among other service providers is that whether you are a startup or an enterprise, in the private sector or government, we tailor our solutions to your needs. Our digital solutions, for mobile and other channels, starts with a business- and customer-centric blueprint.

We make sure to have your business needs and your customers in mind as the foundations of all the work we do. Working with us means you get solutions that are robust, consumer-focused, and secure all-around.

In addition, offering and following an IT as a service (ITaaS) model provides:

Standardization and simplification of products delivered​

Improved financial transparency​

More direct association of costs to consumption​

Increased IT operational efficiency​

Work with us.

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