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Xentra Team Heads to Sydney for Decisions Training

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A distinguished team from Xentra went to Sydney to attend the highly anticipated Decisions Submerse: Deep-Dive Training. Xentra aims to enhance its knowledge of the latest trends in the market about no-code automation as well as to receive in-depth hands-on training about no-code automation platforms. 

A New Partnership and Its Opportunities 

Xentra’s motivation for sending a select team for training has been fueled by the company’s recent partnership with Decisions. The two companies have joined forces to empower industries across Asia Pacific and the US. Their partnership aims to provide innovative software solutions and cutting-edge expertise, helping businesses achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, profitability, and growth. It is set to focus on driving unparalleled growth and efficiency in the Retail, Gaming, Fintech, Education, and Healthcare industries. To know more about the Decisions platform that Xentra offers, click here.

The partnership with Decisions offers a unique opportunity for Xentra. It will enable Xentra to be a leader in providing professional services for Decisions Product Clients. With the investment of training and certification of Decisions applications, Xentra will be able to provide Customization, Integration and Implementation to wide range of customers from various industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, or financial services. 

What the Training Offers 

The Decisions Submerse: Deep-Dive Training is a 3-day bootcamp that was held from August 29, Tuesday, until August 31, Thursday in Sydney, Australia. It took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. 

The submersive training event offered attendees, whether new or experienced with Decisions, the chance to receive hands-on training with the Decisions platform. It is an opportunity that Xentra couldn’t miss. “Xentra is fully committed to the Decisions partnership, and we will continue to make the necessary investments into training our people to provide the quality professional services to all Decisions customers” said Brett Radford, Xentra Group Chief Strategy Officer. 

The Xentra Team 

To enhance knowledge about Decisions and everything about no-code automation, Xentra sent an esteemed six-man team to Sydney to the Decisions Submerse: Deep-Dive Training. The selected team left on August 28 and stayed in Sydney for training until September 2.

Aside from learning more about the Decisions platform, participants also got the chance to connect with Decisions architects and product experts during the 3-day training. 

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