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Xentra Launches New Corporate Brand and Logo

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Xentra Group reveals new branding, a multi-colored logo and a transformative change for its future.

Xentra has long used the color green in its branding. Along with this, it used four boxes in the form of the letter X for its logo, focusing on the primary letter of its name. The previous logo used white letters against a black background, but now the text is black with a white background.  

When it comes to the new-look logo, a multi-colored shape is the new — well, face of Xentra. The word itself remains all lowercase and standalone, focusing on the company’s brand. According to Xentra Group Chairman, Maner Puyawan, the name of the company and the shape of the new logo remain an important part of the brand. They are prominent features that give Xentra its identity.

Housed in an X shape, the dynamic new Xentra logo also features four colors: green, orange, blue, and purple. Each color represents a company within the group: green for Xentra, orange for Sinagtek, blue for Stergo, and purple, for a new and upcoming venture. This identity system flexes, adapts and moves to engage businesses across all the digital, social and physical environments that the brand will appear in. 

The new branding was inspired by the striking imagery found in office workspaces. The new identity features four office workstations facing each other that evoke the highly collaborative nature of workplaces, acting as a reminder for businesses of the constant need to evolve and adapt.

The new logo also reflects Xentra Group’s ambitions, which are squarely focused on providing information technology products and services to businesses and organizations.

More than this however, the new logo, its colors and shape, and representation will showcase the different services that each company offers to the group’s clients. This all comes as Xentra is facing an internal reorganization. This new purpose reflects the group’s growth ambitions.

Xentra Group still wants its heritage to be an integral part of the company but sees the new branding as indicative of its desire for partnership and collaboration with its clients and businesses.

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