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Xentra is now a Partner of Decisions 

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Xentra is now a proud partner of Decisions, a no-code workflow and rules platform designed to enable businesses to automate and optimize their digital processes. The two tech companies have joined forces with a shared vision of providing innovative software solutions and cutting-edge expertise. The partnership aims to revolutionize the way strategic industries operate in both the Asia Pacific and US markets, driving unparalleled growth and efficiency in the Retail, Gaming, Fintech, Education, Government, and Healthcare industries. 

About Decisions 

The Decisions is a rules-driven, no-code, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform. With it, customers can automate anything from ensuring regulatory compliance to modernizing legacy systems and even fixing the customer experience. It will help people who have a vision for their business, get it done, and improve their industry – or even change their world. 

Opportunities That Lie Ahead 

The Decisions no-code workflow and rules-driven platform were designed to enable businesses to automate and optimize their digital processes that can even be done by non-programming staff. Xentra on the one hand, has over 100 software developers deployed around the world, building and supporting clients’ needs. Full project management and development are the cornerstones of its business. 

Xentra’s Chief Strategy Officer, Brett Radford, said, “After working with Xentra and Decisions clients, we realized that it was a natural progression to partner with Decisions. Xentra has many clients that are looking for the next generation of No Code Automation Platforms and Decisions is the perfect fit for our business model.”  

“Xentra had our professional developers complete the Decisions online portal training and we have committed to send 6 Level 1 Developers to the Decisions Submerse: Deep Dive Training in Sydney Australia in August. The Xentra strategy is to invest in our Partners and our People” Radford said. “Xentra will offer the range of Decisions products with the highest level of Pre Sales and Professional Services support for all Decision customers. It’s exciting to partner with a progressive company like Decisions.” Radford concluded. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Xentra, combining our strengths to deliver innovative, no-code solutions that tackle business challenges and propel growth,” shared Melissa Hillendbrand, Director of Channel Sales at Decisions. “Our shared commitment to excellence and technology leadership positions us to reshape and elevate business operations, leading efficiency and growth across diverse markets. This partnership lays the foundation for transformative solutions that will establish new benchmarks for success,” Hillenbrand further said. 

The partnership with Decisions offers a unique opportunity for Xentra. It will enable Xentra to be a leader in providing professional services for Decisions Product Clients. With the investment of training and certification of Decisions applications, Xentra will be able to provide Customization, Integration and Implementation to wide range of customers from various industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, or financial services. 

Xentra’s partnership with Decisions is expected to cater to the diverse needs of enterprises in both the Asia Pacific and US markets. Xentra, an established presence in the Asia Pacific region, and Decisions, with its strong foothold in the US, will bring forth an unrivaled combination of local and global capabilities. 

The Xentra Strategy 

The market for low-code platform, such as the Decisions Products, is predicted to grow to an estimated $65 billion by 2027 and yet, there is a lack of Decision certified software developers in the market today. How does Xentra distinguish itself? How will it remain relevant in the market?

Xentra aims to be a leading provider of software developers for Decisions Products. Its offerings are 30-50% lower in ROI than the traditional development rates. Its competitive advantage over other Decision Resellers is its ability to offer lower software consulting fees in the Customization, Integration, Implementation and On-Going Support.

Added to such, Xentra’s unique position is to offer onsite and complete remote services and support on a global basis. It can also offer Decision Platform clients a comprehensive custom solution to the Clients core business requirements. Find out what Decisions services Xentra is offering here (https://www.xentrasolutions.com/decisions-service/).

Empower Industries Across Asia Pacific and the US 

The partnership between Xentra Solutions and Decisions is a representation of commitment to innovation, excellence, and client success. It will leverage Xentra’s domain expertise and Decisions’ advanced software solutions to enable businesses in the Asia Pacific region and the US to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, profitability, and growth. With their help, businesses can seize the opportunities and take the challenges of the digital era head on. 




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