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Xentra Upskills its Employees with QA Training 

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Xentra Solutions highly values employee development. This is evident in its completion of the recently concluded QA Core Skills and Project Specific Training held from November 20 until December 1, 2023. The 10-day training is the second batch of three, which will commence this month. 

The QA Core Skills and Project Specific Training was organized as part of Xentra’s efforts towards growth and innovation. Xentra strategically eyed its workforce as one of the first steps, among many, to achieve its goal. Behind the initiative is the collaboration between the Operations and the Learning and Development departments, with the leadership and guidance of Maricel Medel, President of Xentra Group, Maner Puyawan, Chairman of Xentra Group, and Aileen Agbada, SVP for Program Management.

The QA Core Skills and Project Specific Training aims to develop Xentra’s skills in quality assurance and project management. Its main objective is to ensure that Xentra will be able to deliver consistent and quality products, which is one of the company’s strongest attributes and value proposition.  

For the training, Xentra tapped its old and new QAs. The first batch was held from October 23 until November 10, 2023. The second batch was held from November 20 until December 1, 2023. The last batch is expected to commence on December 11 and end on the 22nd. Each batch is scheduled for 12 employees only to ensure that each person receives proper attention during the training. 

At the end of the training, attendees went through a practical side-by-side onsite assessment with their trainers. When they passed the assessment, they received their certificates through a graduation ceremony that celebrated their empowerment. 

As part of Xentra’s ongoing efforts to improve its employees’ skills, it will line up a new set of training courses. Next up for this new year are Code Management for App, Frontend, and Backend Developers; and enhanced project management using Jira Project Managers and Coordinators. 

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