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Xentra Chairman and Founder Receives Award at the 2022 Top Tech Awards

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Our very own, Maner Puyawan, Chairman and Founder of Xentra Group wins a Top Tech Award. He received his award on November 16, 2022 at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The Top Tech Awards

The 2022 Top Tech Awards, created in partnership with Cox Business, honor the innovative tech leaders in Southern Nevada who move business, improve operations, and connect us all. It recognizes IT professionals from different industries including public and private companies, nonprofit, gaming, education, and more. Awardees are chosen by an independent judging panel based on their major projects, community and company impact, and achievements.

This year, the 2022 Top Tech Awards for Startup Category was awarded to Xentra Group’s Chairman and Founder, Maner Puyawan.

Get to Know the Chairman

Maner is the Chairman and Founder of Xentra Infotech Solutions, Inc. He is a veteran in the IT profession, with over 20 years of extensive experience under his belt. His main expertise is in the payments technology domain, planning, designing, and building electronic and mobile payment systems for businesses of all sizes.

In April 2021, Puyawan became part of the Marker Trax team. He was tapped to rebuild, optimize and polish Marker Trax, the product with the same name as the Nevada-based company has, for a July launch date.

Puyawan, who is industrious and laser-focused on innovation and excellence, was nominated by his Vegas team.

Representing Marker Trax

Puyawan and his team in the Philippines worked on Marker Trax. Amid challenges in the build-out, he demonstrated exceptional problem solving, decisiveness, and quick thinking while working through the program. All his efforts paid off then Marker Trax’s system was completed after just two months, on-time for the targeted launch.

Marker Trax was developed and patented by Gary Ellis, Founder and CEO of Marker Trax. It is the first product of its kind that offers regulatory-compliant casino marker technology that allows players to be scored and given access to markers within minutes, provides casinos tools to manage their credit underwriting and repayments, and makes issuing advances efficient. This complex, patented technology is a casino marker system that manages and issues cashless funds in a contactless, convenient, and frictionless process. 

As a turnkey solution, Marker Trax is a mobile-based platform that allows casino operators to extend credit to its players. It is a technology that reduces the risks of issuing funds.

What This Means for Xentra Group

Xentra Group, along with all its divisions, are proud of our chairman’s achievement. Because of his leadership, he has extended his excellence to all of its employees, motivating them to do their best and allowing Xentra Group to work on and produce successful projects with companies from different industries across four continents.




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