Lemmuel Cabuhat

VP Software Development

Lemmuel is the Vice-President of Software Development at Xentra Infotech Solutions, Inc. His extensive experience in the IT industry has been cultivated by his 17 years working for various IT companies, both local and abroad. His main expertise is in providing planning, designing, and providing support for the development of payment technology solutions.


Over the years, Lemmuel worked his way up the ranks from a software developer, project manager, support engineer, to senior software developer, managing his own team of junior developers until finally, as Xentra’s head of software development.


Lemmuel exhibited his knowledge in information technology even early in his career. First, as part of Ripple E-Business Int’l Inc. ‘s Research and Development Team, he focused on POS (point of sales) and Inventory System and was responsible for integrating the company’s POS system with numerous POS hardware. Because of his instrumental work with the company, he had enough experience to start managing a team of software developers with his next employer, Altonda Business Solution.


It was when Lemmuel worked for PyxPay that he truly showcased his expertise in payment technology solutions. For several years, he helped the company develop payment technology solutions that included a remittance system, mobile top-up (mobile loading), bills payments, loan system, credit card payments, and even featured SMS and email messaging. The project was successfully launched in the United States to the delight of the Filipino-American community.


Knowing his professional background and experience, Lemmuel managed to lead several companies’ IT team thereafter; including GO3 Solutions, Inc., Alpha IT Services, Inc., and finally, Xentra Infotech Solutions Inc. where he soon became Vice-President of Software Development.

Other notable highlights of Lemmuel's career include:

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