Cathy Raymundo

Asst. Vice President - HR / Admin

Cathy is the Assistant Vice President for HR and Admin at Xentra. In this role, she is responsible for the development and administration of human resources policies and procedures for Xentra’s employee relations programs. She handles the communication of these policies and procedures to all employees, as well as directing the operations of the company’s Human Resources Office. 

Cathy handles labor relations and administration of contracts with employees, often acting as a bargaining unit. She also oversees maintenance of personnel records and ensures that employee data is accurate and protected. 

 At a closer glance, Cathy is a senior HR and customer service executive with 11 years of experience in the insurance, banking, and finance industries. She has also served the human resource and customer service (BPO) industry for five years. She has brought her extraordinary and outstanding skill, plus business acumen, to the table at Xentra Group as the AVP for HR and Admin. 

With over 21 years of professional experience, Cathy is a seasoned professional who has a deep understanding of HR trends, as well as the complex needs of industries like fintech, BPO, and insurance and banking. She has worked with a variety of employers, from here and abroad, and has developed a reputation for providing excellent customer service. In fact, she has been a recipient of the Excellent Service Award (Silver, Gold, Star from 2009 – 2016) EXSA Singapore, an annual nationwide award organized by ASA and Enterprise Singapore that recognizes individuals who have delivered exceptional service in their respective industry.    

Cathy is adept in human resource planning, communication skills, team leadership, organizational management and development, strategic planning, and effective time management. With these key strengths, she has helped build and inspire teams in achieving success with their tasks and assignments.  

Cathy started her professional journey as Recruitment Consultant and worked her way up to becoming a Research Analyst and Senior QA Analyst. From there, she became the Senior Officer for United Overseas Bank, Ltd. in Singapore. After which, she worked as an AI Supervisor for Evie.ai, a position that continuously helped refine the algorithms that power Evie’s logic while working closely with product and engineering teams in the design of Evie’s interactions.  

In her more than 21 years of professional experience, Cathy was able to learn, develop, and hone her skills in the following, among many: 

  • Human resource planning  
  • Communication skills  
  • Team leadership  
  • Organizational management and development 
  • Strategic planning  
  • Effective time management 

Notable highlight of Cathy’s career: 

  • Excellent Service Award (EXSA, Singapore) – Silver, Gold, Star from 2009 to 2016. EXSA Singapore is an annual nationwide award organized by ASA (Association of Singapore Attractions) and Enterprise Singapore. They recognize individuals who have delivered exceptional service in their respective industry. 

As part of the executive team, Cathy works closely with other members on business goals, employee retention, and effective organizational structure. She is a key player in the company’s executive structure, often reporting to the CEO and President. 

Cathy is invaluable to both Xentra and its employees. She implements the company’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Most times, she also provides advises to employees and even relays their questions to the management. She is the go-to person for matters relating to effective personnel management. 

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