Brian Bron

Creative Director

Brian is the creative brains behind Xentra Group. As the Creative Director of UI/UX Design Team at Xentra Infotech Solutions, Inc. His extensive experience in the IT industry has been cultivated by his 20 years working for various IT and design companies, both local and abroad. His main expertise is in providing planning, designing, and providing support for the visual design solutions and creative branding.

As a creative director, Brian’s responsibilities include overseeing the creative vision and direction of the company and the organization as a whole. He leads a team of designers, writers, and other creatives to ensure that all branding, marketing, and advertising efforts are aligned with the company’s objectives and values.

Brian also ensures that the creative team is able to stay up-to-date with industry trends and technologies. He makes sure that the team is using the latest tools and techniques to create innovative and effective campaigns.

Over the years, Brian worked his way up the ranks from a Graphic Designer, Senior Designer, Frontend Website Developer, Senior UI Designer, Lead UIUX Designer managing his own team of junior designers until finally, as Xentra’s Creative Director. His versatility in working across various industries showcases his exceptional skills in Visual Design and Team Management.

As a Creative Director, Brian demonstrates solid leadership, effective time management, and excellent communication, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance across the team. Satisfactory outcomes of his projects, delivered within the designated timeframe and financial constraints, have resulted in contented clients and a delighted teams.


Throughout the years, Brian has expanded his skill set to include:

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