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Breakfast with the Chairman: A Meal to Look Back to

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After a night of revelry, Xentra employees get the chance to partake in a breakfast meeting with Xentra Group Chairman, Maner Puyawan. Here’s a look at how the event unfolded.

The Day Before

With the inauguration of Xentra Tower accomplished and put to the side on December 17, 2022 in Malolos, Bulacan, employees and executives of the Xentra Group of companies headed to Mandelin Ville Hotel Resort and Events Place in Sta. Ana, Pampanga to celebrate their annual Christmas Party.

Xentra Group employees, who had to work remotely the entire year, were able to meet again and have a fun night during the annual celebration. There was food, booze, games, surprises, and prizes in store for everyone. No one went home empty-handed.

While all of these were music to everybody’s ears, there was more good news to look forward to the following morning. The party didn’t end that night but continued the next day.

A Look Back at the Year 2022

What made the whole party even more special was that Xentra employees welcomed its Las Vegas-based Chairman, Maner Puyawan, who’s been away from the country for a few years now. On the day of the party’s conclusion, he sat down with his employees at a Breakfast with the Chairman event.

When Mr. Puyawan spoke at the event, he highlighted Xentra’s accomplishments for the past year. Compared to other Philippine companies in the industry that are facing major challenges, Xentra has had it good. In fact, at the heel of the COVID-19 pandemic, Xentra continues to thrive and grow.

For the past year, Xentra was able to add new clients. And as the list of clientele grows, so do the company’s employees. Xentra has almost doubled its number of employees from the previous year and also added more members to its executive team.

It’s unfortunate that during the holiday season, other companies were not able to provide bonuses to employees. However, with Xentra, all staff were able to receive bonuses, even bigger than the previous year.

More Good News

For the new year, Xentra employees can expect more positive outcomes from the company. During the breakfast discussion, Mr. Puyawan informed his employees about what’s to come for the year ahead.

For 2023, Xentra will be expecting a few more clients. To keep up with the demand, the management is targeting to add more team members to the company. Thankfully, the company has Xentra Tower. It will play a key role in the development of Xentra. It will serve as the training center for the company and will open up more opportunities to more developers, especially in the Bulacan area.

Also, during the event were requests and recommendations that came from the employees. Mr. Puyawan was generous enough to hear them out and has committed to looking into those concerns.

Overall, the event was successful and left the employees feeling connected with the Chairman.

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